Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Relax yourself

After a long exhausting day at the office, how do you relax yourself? I like sitting in front of my television or watching a drama or movie in my laptop. I am beginning to notice that some people (I look up to) relax themselves in an entirely different way. They cook, take a walk, clean their house, read a book (Ah! The one thing I have in common!) or so to relax .

So I have decided to relax myself in an altogether different way as well. I am going to take a walk, organize my things, read (as always), call my close friends more often (speaking to my some of my close friends always makes me happy) and such other things which relax me and make me feel good.

Of course, I would still watch movies, television series because there are so many good ones out there and I totally love them; but the problem is they eat up so much of my time. So it is just that I am going to lessen the time I allocate to them and not look at them as the prime way in which I relax myself. And maybe turning in a more interesting and fun direction will eventually become a habit and eventually I could pick up on a wonderful hobby or two along the way. So, here's to finding creative ways to relax yourself!

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