Sunday, May 30, 2010

My favorite newspaper- The Hindu

That’s right. I am going to write a review on The Hindu newspaper. Now, did you just raise an eyebrow? Hmmm, I am going to write it anyway :)

I was on my way home in the college bus. The bus was descending from a slope. As I looked out through the window my heart sank. To my left, there was a large open space. That area was always bustling, because a large number of kids used to play cricket there. I have seen them play there even in the noon despite the scorching heat. But on that day, I saw heaps of garbage being dumped in that place. I was thinking to myself, “Darn! Cant they leave alone this place at least?”

The following morning I opened The Hindu newspaper. There was a picture about it in the front page of the DOWNTOWN supplement of The Hindu. The article said about how the place has become a garbage dumping ground and then went on to say that some action should be taken. Less than two days after the article was published, I saw that the area was cleaned up and kids started playing there again.

This historic incident (at least to me :)) took place more than a year ago. I don’t know if the place was cleaned because of the article or not. But the promptness of the Hindu newspaper in reporting news which surround our day to day life, no matter how big or how small the story is seems evident.

I have always liked the Editorials of The Hindu. They are about topics of big proportions. They provide rare insights and tend to be thought provoking. I have been a particular fan of the Sudoku, which features in the Main Sports Page, everyday. The supplements are quite a delight. Unlike many other contemporary newspapers the supplements of the Hindu are decent and exciting at the same time. I am a regular with the Nxg (stands for Next generation) supplement. It has really cool articles and features contests which can win you movie tickets.

There are contests with other supplements as well. Like the Brain Bytes contest in the Education plus on Mondays, the Auto Quiz (a quiz about automobiles) which features in the Metro Plus on Wednesdays, and the Guess Who contest which features in the Metro Plus Weekend on Saturdays. The Crosswords are another attraction. I have always found them very hard though (sigh).

Another thing is that, the newspaper has always been accessible. Any credible place has a copy of The Hindu. My family subscribes it every day. But ever since I left Chennai for Bangalore, I stopped reading it regularly (sigh). Be it my dentist’s place or any library, I could always get my hands on a copy. Whether I made use of it or not, will not be mentioned in this post owing to certain technical difficulties (details regarding the difficulties are left to the imagination of the Reader).

So, The Hindu is one newspaper which has integrity, credibility, accuracy in reporting and I am definitely a fan. Do you suspect whether I was given any money or something to have written such a post commending The Hindu? I don’t blame you. Sadly, I wasn’t. Anyways, let truth alone triumph.


  1. Nice stuff !! good flow ... but i think u shd have taken a profession as a journalist !! u seem to be more interested in it....

  2. I suppose u r looking for a job from The Hindu :P
    i was kidding
    The Hindu is a better newspaper comparing to its competitors, It does help the laymen at times(not at all times - due to political interference)
    Its good that u like the editorial
    but i prefer Young World :)

  3. Super opicer. Nice one. Too good but too late.

  4. Nice one akihtra...As you said, Integrity, Credibility and Accuracy - this is what made this newspaper sustain for more than 130 years. Not only sustaining in the competition, but also be the winner. I like Sudoku part, Sports page and friday review.. :)


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