Thursday, July 3, 2014


Most of us do not give our 100 per cent to most of the things we do. Sometimes even though we want something badly we tend to become sluggish and easily lose our way. We do enough for what keeps us out of trouble. We encourage the distractions that come our way and get carried away until something else comes along and reminds us of that thing that we want.

But for some of us in order to achieve something that we want to, we need to challenge ourselves because of the nature of our dream. And also to change ourselves; change as in, make sacrifices, change the way we approach problems, change the way we make decisions, change the way we deal with people and so on. But is it truly possible? Can we ever improve by leaps and bounds? Can we change how far we go to reach our potential?

When I was in school something caught my attention. In my class, there was a girl who always used to top the class. It was as if the top slot was always reserved for her. Not like the rest of the class was not smart but the thing is she was way better than the competition.

All of a sudden, another girl topped the class in an exam, to everyone's surprise of course. Until then she was way below average and I think in some subjects she didn't even get enough grades to pass. She was the member of a close-knit friends gang which was always secretive, mischievous, obtained low grades, didn't mingle/ talk much with the rest of the class.

What had happened was, there was a fall out with all her close friends and she had redirected her energies into studying. She never reconciled with her friends and always remained one of the top scorers in the class till we finished school. This incident has been in my mind ever since and whenever I think of this it gives me hope.

I have big plans for myself in the near future. Ambitious plans. And I will work towards achieving each goal of mine. But I need to make some major lifestyle changes and also give my 100% if I want to realize all my dreams. I have had my moments but if I want to be better than my own track record and reach my potential to the fullest, I need to make these changes that I was talking about. The sooner I make them, the better for me. So, for now, I will remain hopeful.

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