Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Learning new languages is a fun thing to do. It is one of the things that really interest me. But it looks like I don't have the inherent ability to learn languages with ease. Just another classic case that penchant and talent are two different things.

I took up a course in basic conversation of Japanese when I was in college. So I know some Japanese words and sentences. But the way they speak it is too fast for me and I cant seem to comprehend much.I can identify that they are speaking Japanese though. Wink.

But my greatest regret when it comes to learning languages will always be that even after spending two whole years in Bangalore, India, I still could not learn Kannada. My Telugu friends seemed to easily take to Kannada, maybe because as they say there is a lot of similarity between Telugu and Kannada.

I do know the computer programming language Java. Does that count? Wink. Jokes apart, I can claim to know only two languages- Tamil and English with a decent amount of fluency. I will always keep trying though; and interested. And someday will boast of knowing many more languages. But, for now, I have to accept that I am bilingual.

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