Thursday, November 8, 2012

Corporate SIM

Buying a corporate SIM sure is easy. All you have to do is take a photocopy of your Identity card with your organization to get one. Mine being a postpaid number I kept paying bills online once a month and all was well. I moved back to Chennai from Bangalore and so I wanted to deactivate my number and be done with it.

But the outstanding amount was 1300+ bucks (unbilled amount). So I called up customer care and sought a way to resolve the matter. They asked me to wait till the billing cycle is over and pay once the bill is generated and then close the connection immediately. And then I forgot about it; completely!

After some three or four months I came to know that I had to pay some 1200+ bucks- the actual bill plus the rental for three months which calculated to about (249 rental + 99 bucks internet plan) *3.

It is funny that mobile phone service providers who literally sit on your head asking you to take this offer or that, or who constantly keep reminding you of their presence somehow chose to keep mum about it. Maybe coz I wasn’t using the number anymore? (!!). But to be honest, I don’t remember receiving emails of my bills either.

Though the amount doesn’t account anywhere near being called huge, I told myself for the umpteenth time that I should be more careful with (my own) hard earned money. When I asked around, I heard of people who received bills after almost a year of having stopped using the SIM and being asked to pay hefty amounts.

So, if you have a corporate postpaid SIM, be extra careful about it; if you don’t want the SIM be sure to deactivate the number promptly.

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