Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hi all :)

Hi there! :) It feels grrrrr8 to be finally a part of the Blogging Community!
This of course puts me alongside the Big B, Aamir Khan and many others! ;)
I should say I am pretty sure my blog will neither have the attraction value nor the fan following as theirs, but I am sure there will be some readers (lucky enough ;)) to read my blog too!
I intend to use my blog to communicate my views and thoughts across the Cyber Space!
Well folks, I will do my best to keep it interesting (pun intended here!) and meaningful.
So, until my next post, see you!


  1. Hi Akihtra,
    its nice to see you aboard
    u will enjoy ur time
    even big guys have to start from being small
    so it wont be long before u become one of them
    or even more than them
    All the best

    - Vijayalayan

    btw Big B and Aamir Khan dint start blogging at your age ,
    i think u got the point,
    Share your wonderful thoughts to this world,
    All The Best,

  3. hey karzzzzzzzzzzz !!!! you are alongside me too..... :P nice to see you here... lets share our views ... and make it wonderful..........

  4. good work try to write more :)

  5. finally you are into it !! pls follow blog rules that it shd contain only true reflections ... waitn for ur next post ...

  6. yeah, sure nach, i know itz d most basic blogging rule :)


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