Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Just figured the Italian word "Ciao" is the perfect synonym for the Tamil word "Vanakkam" (வணக்கம்). I have always wondered how I would explain the word 'Vanakkam' if someone were to ask me for its meaning.

Can I say it is a greeting, stands for 'Hi' or 'Hello'. But then, how would I explain those news reporters sign off saying "Nandri, Vanakkam!" (நன்றி, வணக்கம்!), meaning "Thank you, Bye!"; obviously, in this context the word takes the meaning "bye".

Unlike 'ciao', 'vanakkam' is formal though. Until now I was using 'ciao' thinking it only stood for "bye". Now, whoever said ignorance is bliss?!

Until my next post, ciao.

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