Friday, September 21, 2012

A sarcastic mail

Had sent the below mail to my credit card company (dated 21/09/2012):


I would like to know why I have still not received my Credit card statement due for Oct 1, 2012.
I received an SMS about it on 12 Sept stating that the bill will reach me shortly. However I have still not received one.

As a customer, am I expected to keep mailing and follow up on receiving the bill myself?

I am already not pleased with the fact that once the bill is paid by me, it will take 3 days for the same to be reflected in your system, which means that if the last date is 30th of a month, then the last date for me is in fact the 27th, as mentioned by a call center executive of your company. What displeases me is actually the fact that I was not informed prior about this.

So, in this case if the last date is October 1, the actual last date is 28th.

This is just my 3rd billing cycle and I am already faced with so many systemic problems and I am beginning to wonder about long term relationships.


Honestly getting romba (super) annoyed with all these "Service Providers"; meaning my credit card company, my mobile phone service provider, my 3G data card service provider, my 2G data card service provider (before my 3G, both of them happen to be different companies), my television's DTH service provider; every one else in fact. Love them or hate them, cant live without them right? There lies the problem I guess.

At least buying a product is something different. You just buy it once, you have to go to them only if you have some problem. Otherwise it is like they never even exist. But this is different. You have to be in touch every month. There is always some problem with one thing or the other. God save the planet from these "Service Providers"!

Just wondering how the poor soul reading this mail (on the other end) would feel. Well, I cant help it!

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  1. Hey...Good one!!! and yeah sometimes it is so annoying with these service providers.. Eventhough i have not faced much, i have seen how my friends were literally fighting with them..Hoping for a more systematic and hassle free service providers in future... :)


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