Thursday, July 15, 2010

To believe or not to believe

I have always been enthralled about the world, just like you- at how things and beings are made. Of the many questions it poses, one question remains to be perplexing- where exactly do we exist? Like for instance, where exactly this ‘space’ is and how much space is there in space.

It is said that we are on the Earth which is in the Solar system inside the Milky Way galaxy and that there are other galaxies such as this Milky Way… blah blah blah. We know only so much. But where exactly is that? This reminds me of the very last scene of the movie ‘Men in Black’. It is a beautifully imagined one.

We have relied on science for long to answer our questions. And we will continue to do so. But some say science will only spur more questions than it can answer. And it is said that religion (or rather, faith) begins where science ends.

It’s convenient to believe in some supernatural power coz it gives you a feeling of hope when you think all is lost; lets you to believe that everything happens for a reason. Or when you accomplish something of importance in society, it gives you the ability to stay humble (not that atheist’s are too boastful of themselves ;)). It also gives some explanation when things happen beyond one’s control or power.

May be it’s enough to know only so much. May be it’s best to leave it at that, without venturing further. May be God Himself wants some things to be abstract. These are what believers would perhaps say. May be ignorance is bliss. But then, isn’t knowledge power?

The presence of God has for long been a mystery. Just like the question- where are we. Perhaps it will remain a mystery for eternity. There are some Believers who believe in science also to an extent. They would perhaps say it is up to the Maker of all the Worlds to decide whether or not to give us humans the answers. But then, is there a Maker? Atheists would say only science will eventually give us the answers- it is just a matter of time.

And I am stuck in between. I have been a follower all my life- whether I did or did not believe, because of my family I guess. I do not know how I should describe myself- an atheist or a believer. So another question remains, do I believe or do I not? Not an easy one for me to answer I suppose.

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  1. World is always full of mysteries
    we always talk about the world,
    even our own mind is an mystery to us
    in spirituality, people say
    "know yourself,
    you will know the world"

    Believing in something makes us human
    or else world will be full of criminals
    I am not an atheist but i am not very religious, everything you do in your religion is a way to know yourself better but now its just rituals since people forgot what they actually mean...

    Believe in your religion ,not because you should be, because you know what it means.

    Everything has a scientific explanation even our mind, but we perceive things in a different manner. maybe someday we ll see correct :)


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