Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another article for NXG

The following is another of the articles I had written for the NXG, but didn’t even send in this one. This article I am pretty sure will still hold good about Chennai.

Early Morning rush

Our beloved Chennai becomes more beautiful and bustling during the busy hours in the mornings. With a sprawling population of 4.34 million, our city gets on the go during the early mornings. Neatly ironed shirts and pants, girls and women wearing chudidhars, salwars, cotton sarees and the like, nice accessories and trendy footwear that go with them, the bags they all carry, school children in their uniforms, the charts and books some students carry with them, the ID cards which talk for themselves, are all very colorful and vibrant.

People driving their two wheelers, cars, or commuting through shared autos, crowded buses, vans, on their way to work or college, some of them sighing at the red light of the traffic signals and the traffic, as if they have just spotted their enemy or boss (the Author is not responsible if there is an overlapping of sorts for the Reader), while others looking at their watches anxiously, clearly in a hurry, road side shops, the smell of fresh filter coffee filling the air, vegetable and fruit vendors on the streets, the air smelling good with the fragrance of jasmine and ‘sampangi’ (don’t know what the English name is) flowers from the flower shops by the roadside, the tea stalls full of people taking tea, reading newspapers and discussing about the current affairs, the walkers by the streets- some walking alone with their own thoughts, and others chatting with their companions as they walk - these are a few of the common sights and smells in the mornings; it is all so refreshing to watch.

And what best way to observe all these than from an MTC bus! It makes us realize that the city is so enthralling with life and color. Chennai may still have a long way to go in certain ways when compared with many other cities of the world. However, ours is a city, beautiful in its own right!

Just to make things more clear I had written this article, the previous one and another one while I was still in Chennai and all of them are approximately nine months old. There is one more article pending and that is the last one in my list of NXG articles :)

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