Monday, December 11, 2017

5 Websites I frequent for their Jewelry collection

I have listed 5 websites I like to frequent to check out their jewelry collection:
Though most of these sites sell apparel and other things, it is their jewelry collection that makes me keep going back for more. There are many contemporary pieces they sell which go well with any kind of outfit. Like any Indian girl, I especially like Jhumkis, Chandbalis, Temple jewelry and the like, which go well with traditional Indian outfits.

I never buy gold jewelry online. Considering how expensive they are, I like to go to the shops and choose from the collection presented before my eyes (sans digital media) and definitely after trying it on me, which I guess is true for most people. What I normally buy from these websites are mostly silver jewelry, brass jewelry or gold-plated silver or brass jewelry. I read somewhere that gold-plated silver or brass jewelry can be re-plated multiple times periodically to keep them in good condition; and that these metals withstand corrosion and tend to be long lasting, though I haven't re-plated any of my jewelry yet.

Sometimes I buy metal alloy gold-plated stuff but normally I try to avoid them. I especially like jewelry which have some semi-precious gemstones such as Rose Quartz (more on that later), Amethyst, Oynx and such in them.

I also found that these websites seem a tad bit overpriced, but then they sell good quality, one-of-a-kind sort of pieces that are difficult for me to find together in such numbers in local stores and it saves time to browse a huge collection put together in a single place (I have spent hours going around a single website though, but that is an altogether different kind of hassle). What is more important to me than accessibility is the fact that I like to invest in good pieces which are durable and so I overlooked the pricing aspect. I decided to be prudent and as seldom as possible with my purchases to compensate.

There have been times when I found the same piece across many of these sites, because the jewelry makers probably sell them via multiple sites. Also, I have felt disappointed occasionally that a piece didn't turn out how I imagined it would be based on what I saw online. I guess this happens at one point or the other when shopping online. These days I don't splurge as much as I used to. My shopping urges are under much better control than before which is definitely a good thing in my books.

P.S. The websites listed are to my liking as a Shopper out of several I have come across, based on my experiences. I don't have any association with any of these websites since my Blog doesn't generate that kind of traffic. I have listed them out of my own volition, since I believe finding nice things could be a delight to anyone. I am sure there are many more cool ones out there and I will probably find more exciting ones, but for now, this list holds true.

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