Saturday, January 26, 2013

A write up

Had written down the following lines for a lending library; felt like posting it here:

Books are always a delight! They transport you to unknown places, introduce you to unknown people, take you to new horizons, give insights into unknown lives, and affect us in ways which even we can’t comprehend. Some books inspire us while some encourage us or sadden us or make us happy and there are some which simply overwhelm us.

While how we feel when the book concludes is one thing, the wholesome experience of reading a book is entirely another. While e-books seem to be the norm of the day, some things are meant to be enjoyed the classic way. Imagine a rainy day at home, and you on a nice cozy sofa engrossed in a book of your choice. Imagine your experience as you revel into the content of the book over a cup of hot ‘filter’ coffee, and a hot savoury snack, as you turn the leaf of each page, anxious to know what comes next in the book, all the while enjoying the fine print of the book as you knowingly and unknowingly take in the crisp odour of the paper. Is there a way to define this experience? Yes, it can only be defined as pure bliss.

Please choose your pick from the books listed below. They are available with <> Lending Library. Go right ahead! Dive into new frontiers and immerse yourself in the absolute delight which is the habit of reading.

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