Saturday, July 5, 2014


Let's face it. Going by the traffic my blog generates, my blog is not swarmed by many avid readers. Going by the number and nature of my posts, I am not a prolific writer either.  I write for the pleasure of it, occasionally. I am someone who likes to read my old Tweets or Facebook posts when I feel like it, every once in a while (say once in a year or so), so I hope to read my blog as well and try to relate to my 'thought process', as they call it. So if a Reader comes across my blog and likes it, well and good. If they do not, that is fine too. Then again, this is not a concept blog. It is true to its title, it talks about 'prolix trivia'.  

There were about five followers for my blog as indicated by a gadget to the right, but I removed that gadget after I received a series of mails from a person, the timing of which coincided with an anonymous person contacting a friend of mine and asking her for my details pretending to be someone I knew, but as it turned out I didn't know such a person. I guess I freaked out and consequently tried to delete my digital footprint. I need to take a moment here to thank my friend for being cautious and not giving away my details. But that whole tale is for some other time.

As long as we are speaking of blogs, I have to mention something about my brother. He happens to blog as well. He has one of these blogs with hard to understand philosophical stuff, random stuff, with sophisticated words and implied meanings which can be understood only if you are, well, my brother. But he is still my brother and I had to read it to show my support. 

At one point he felt that it seemed like I was the only one reading his blog (though I believe that is not the case since there were comments for his posts). Anyways, you would think one would show the least amount of gratitude for such loyalty. He was however offended! Can you believe this? OFFENDED. He moved his blog to another address without even telling me. I am still not sure if it is because I told my parents about this post of his titled, "Family" where he said  'family is supposed to be a nourishing environment where an individual shares his ideas and opinions freely without fear of being reprimanded', 'Often this is not the case', and many such contradictory statements. Or that I made them both read it.

Regardless, the fact is that he moved his blog to a different URL address and lest we forget his most heinous sin which is that he did not even tell me. But, as can be expected, I found out about this new address and still keep tabs on what he is up to (all for the greater good!). The lengths I went to, to discover this address will not be discussed here, for obvious and not- so- obvious reasons.

And just like that, I am done with this post. I wanted to pen down these thoughts of mine. Which reminds me, blogging sure is fun! To my fellow bloggers, happy blogging!

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