Sunday, July 17, 2016


I have been an avid reader all my life for as long as I can remember. But for reasons I cant fully understand, I find that my reading habit is on the decline. Could be due to the lack of time, what with all the responsibilities coming your way and all the challenges that life keeps throwing at you. Still, I think a habit such a reading should not take a back seat no matter what.

The past few years for some reason, whichever book I started reading, I could not finish it at all. This coming from someone who cant keep a book down once she starts off was a bit shocking for me and I couldnt comprehend why this was so. I did read something now and then and finish it, but it is no where near how it once was.

However, the past few months I find that this is changing. I am reading more. I am always reading one book or the other, some magazine or the other, some blog or the other and it  makes me glad. At the moment, I am reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert and I couldn't have chosen to read the book at a better time in my life. I love it because it is about travel and travel to pursue spiritual growth in that.

Hope this reading streak continues. I plan to transition from reading for pleasure and onto reading more content driven books about a wide array of subjects. So here's wishing Happy Reading to all the people in the World!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Gearing up for the Summer

It is a bitter-sweet feeling that Summer is here. While the scorching heat, extreme humidity, make for the bitter part of it (let me tell you that Chennai, must fall under the category of one-of-the-hottest-places-on-Earth every Summer), there are several other reasons that I really look forward to summer every year.

Reasons I love the summer:
  1. Vacations!- If its summer, one is officially eligible for a vacation!
  2. Watermelon (juice- lots of it)
  3. Mangoes (the whole fruit, the juice, the lassi, some dessert- whatever form, which ever variety)
  4. Tender coconut (Sure it is available all round the year, but I am always inclined to indulge in them more come summer and sure enough you find that shops make sure to sell them in more numbers this time of year too)
  5. Cucumber (same as before)

Now it must be weird that I have given a separate point for some of the seasonal fruits each but that is just how much I love them. It is a delight to watch the markets flooded with all the seasonal stuff (fruits I mentioned above and many other Summer things, which I wont mention here by virtue of being lazy; some other time maybe folks). Making a note to self to indulge in a whole range of Summer Smoothies too with all these seasonal fruits and such.

While we are not in the peak season of the glorious Indian Summer yet (that falls under mid- May in the calender), I believe that the best way to tide over the hot, hot Summer is by practising a few tips and tricks- staying hydrated by drinking as much water and juices as possible, and on that note never leaving your house without a bottle of water, always having a vibrant, colorful umbrella handy if leaving the house, wearing Sunglasses, wearing light and bright colored clothing, staying indoors during the peak hours of the Sun, making sure to leave doors and windows of living rooms wide open during the late evenings, taking bath twice a day- once in the morning and once in the evening coz you tend to perspire that much (remember what I said about humidity?), and wearing the Sunscreen (I wear a min. of SPF 50 during these hot months). And of course praying to God that your electricity supply is stable so that the Air Conditioner works all night.

If we manage to get these right, considering all the other things that the Summer season has to offer (aside from the above reasons, the golden sunshine for one), I think we can all rejoice that Summer is here!

Monday, March 16, 2015


Decided to do something impromptu. Posting the recipe of a salad that I make. Tastes great when accompanied by a soup.

  1. Spinach Leaves (the younger the better; baby Spinach is the best for this salad)
  2. Onion
  3. Baby corn
  4. Cucumber
  5. Olive Oil
  6. Vinegar
  7. Salt
  1. Pan fry the baby corn in olive oil with minimum heat until it is coated golden brown/it appears mildly charred
  2. Cut the spinach leaves if they are too large
  3. Slice the onions length wise
  4. Slice the cucumber into rectangular chunks
  5. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl; pour some vinegar and then mix some more
Additional Notes:
  1. You can fry mushrooms also along with baby corn. But remember that mushrooms cook a little faster than the baby corn so add them a little later, after the baby corn to the pan.
  2. You can top this salad with any of the seed varieties; could be flax seeds (said to be very nutritious when it is roasted and grounded), sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds (minimally of course) and so on.

Most salads I came across consisted of ingredients that are not easily available in the Indian market. This recipe is sort of my own invention with Indian ingredients.

We Indians are not great fans of salads. We like our idli, dosa, coconut chutney, chappathi, rice with curry and such. Who can blame us when they all taste so good! Our palettes will forever be addicted to them. But I really wish we started giving more preference to salads as well. Considering that they are so nutritious, fresh, have less calories, and have similar goodnesses about them.

Point is, I have really started liking salads. And I wish you do too.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Car Driving

I am glad to say that I have finally learnt to drive a car. For many, it might seem like just another, rather mundane thing- say like learning to make a dish. For me, it is more like a milestone. This is why: it has taken me years to learn it (I can count at least 9!). I started out learning to drive during my 12th standard (Indian Standards) holidays. I drove along the streets of Vellore, Salem during my initial still-new-at-driving phase, since my dad was posted in those places at that time.

But then two things happened. Once, I drove the car straight to the wall of my house’s parking lot after one of the practice sessions. The second is that, one breezy evening, again during my still-new-at-driving-phase, I had taken my mum to a rather sparsely populated locality nearby to drink tender coconut water at a shop, and I had parked the car just at the edge of a slope. Parking was a walk in the park (!) for me.

I was still new to the whole the half clutch when driving at a slope and the clutch-brake-accelerator manipulation thing at a slope. I thought I had learnt the intricacies, but turns out I didn’t. And because of that on that day, the car went backwards when I tried to start and move it forward. Behind the car was a rather large thorn field (Ring a bell, anyone?). I tried thrice to bring the car up, but finally decided to call one of my dad’s drivers to come fetch us. But a stranger who was also at the shop with his wife offered to help us. I drove back to my home, but my confidence was shattered.

One thing I will always remember is that when I had driven the car to the wall as mentioned earlier, and I had cringed away in shame coz it was rather stupid because of the way it happened, my dad never once scolded me. Frankly, I was a little scared that he might say something since I knew he needed the car that evening to attend a wedding, but when he came home and was told of what had happened, he quietly made alternate arrangements without so much as a word or the slightest hint of disappointment at the discomfort.

Months or perhaps years later, when my dad made fun of me about this, saying that he didn't have another 30K to spare for my car driving exercise, all I could ever sense was affection. Of course, a dad scolding his child for something like this cannot be considered as lack of affection and a word of caution uttered to his child is pretty understandable; but the thought that my dad did not scold me or say anything at all always warms my heart. He always encouraged me to drive.

My brother who is two years younger than me, who started to learn driving after me, during his 12th Standard holidays, picked it up instantly. While I was both struggling and reluctant to learn it because of my insecurities he surpassed me and went forward to drive himself to work after driving us all occasionally during the four years of his college life. And he seemed to excel in this realm.

Of all the people who ever drove me around over the years- of all my dad’s numerous drivers over the years, my cousin brother (elder one, coz I have referenced my younger cousin bro later), and my dad even, I have felt safest when he was behind the wheel. Of course your younger sibling surpassing you in any sphere does make you feel a little inadequate and does not bode well with your parents who make jokes at your expense (all in good spirit coz I never once felt bad about it and strangely felt gleeful whenever they made fun of my driving).

At one point of our lives, my brother and I drove (he drove) 40 km each to and back from our work. He tortured me with impossibly loud English pop music to the extent that my ears hurt from all the noise and sometimes even my head was pounding; the thought of which still annoys me. He is now at Uncle Sam’s, doing his Masters there. Wonder how he is doing with the right hand gear system drive there. Should ask him next time I speak with him.

I must admit that I don’t know to drive a motorcycle. My dad had a Royal Enfield bullet when I was little and I used to take a bicycle to school. And then my family moved on to cars; my family and I completed skipped the step of buying me a motorcycle. Transport for me was never an issue until now coz I was always driven around and when I was in Bangalore it didn't seem to matter that I took the public transport because I had friends to give me company, whose company I loved, not to mention all the bus stops were close by and I enjoyed the commute.

But now I had to do something about commute. It was beginning to become an issue. There were times I considered giving up car driving and buying myself a motorcycle coz I kept hearing that for someone who knows cycling learning to drive one would be very easy for me.

As an aside, I feel sorry for the Royal Enfield these days because it is not loved enough (what with my bro away, my dad having transitioned to being driven in his cars because of the nature of his work, my cousin bro who lives with my parents at the moment coz of his studies in Chennai, away from our home town Salem, doesn't seem to know these things and as for me, I can’t even imagine handling that much weight without being crushed). I just wish it is took out more and looked after more.

At the moment, I know where I stand in terms of my driving. I need a lot more practice (in terms of kilometres). I think driving is a lot like playing a video game (which I love and was always good at by the way), except that the stakes are high.  I seem to be doing ok. I am 26 years old and I have finally learnt to drive a car. Anyway, in this case, I feel it is better late than never. As of now I seem to be enjoying it. I simply cannot tell how much I love listening to music as I drive to work!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Relax yourself

After a long exhausting day at the office, how do you relax yourself? I like sitting in front of my television or watching a drama or movie in my laptop. I am beginning to notice that some people (I look up to) relax themselves in an entirely different way. They cook, take a walk, clean their house, read a book (Ah! The one thing I have in common!) or so to relax .

So I have decided to relax myself in an altogether different way as well. I am going to take a walk, organize my things, read (as always), call my close friends more often (speaking to my some of my close friends always makes me happy) and such other things which relax me and make me feel good.

Of course, I would still watch movies, television series because there are so many good ones out there and I totally love them; but the problem is they eat up so much of my time. So it is just that I am going to lessen the time I allocate to them and not look at them as the prime way in which I relax myself. And maybe turning in a more interesting and fun direction will eventually become a habit and eventually I could pick up on a wonderful hobby or two along the way. So, here's to finding creative ways to relax yourself!